Friday, January 22, 2010

An awful lot of Balls

Is it just me or does it seem that almost every time I listen or watch virtually anything relating to politics on radio or TV they have that dreadful man Ed Balls on? I forget what his job title is - it's not called "Education" anymore is it - something like Secretary of State for Children and Families? How long before we get a Secretary of State for Left Handed Lithuanian Lesbians I wonder ... maybe we have already - I dunno, they seem to create new ministerial roles virtually every week.

Anyway, why was Balls being asked for his opinion on the (pathetic) sentence of those two sadistic thugs in south Yorkshire on Radio Five earlier today? I'm pretty sure he's not with the Home Office - or whatever that once great ministerial post is called this week - so his opinion on the sentence is hardly important.

And from what I know about his wife - the hard faced cow whose name escapes me for the moment - I'm pretty sure that his opinion wouldn't dare to be different from hers, so why not just ask her? It's clear to me that the only Balls with any balls in the Balls household is his missus - and with that in mind, why would anyone trust such a henpecked waste of space to run a government department anyway?

I've had enough Balls to last me a lifetime. The man is a spineless, charmless twerp who lacks the ability to string two coherent sentences together - I can see why his missus married him. The last thing a leftist harridan like her would want was a man who might talk back.


Larry said...

Haha! Bravo! It amazes me that some people still vote for Labour. They've ruined this country.

jenny said...

well, he needs voting out. The conservatives have announced their candidate. I really hope he is voted out.

Anonymous said...

i saw that interview and it nearly made me vomit.

Apart from not answering the question and avoiding the fact that 2 little psycho / sociopaths will be freed to murder in about 5 years time, he started excusing them via their 'terrible' childhood.

there is no justice in this country


IAlbion said...

Or, as he is known in my part of the country, Ophelia Balls!

bernard said...

Yup, I second that.
I not only hate the foul-faced, weasel-voiced scum-bag, but I hate his whole family, including his filthy mongrel dog which he picks up after it's had a crap and wipes its arse with his tie.

Furor Teutonicus said...

The dog is lucky. Balls uses his tongue on Incapability Browns arse.