Saturday, January 02, 2010

A failure of leadership

So our esteemed leader has ordered an immediate review of airport security following on in the wake of the pants bomber. The result of this "review" will be yet more security checks, yet more inconvenience for all air travellers and yet more laws to eat away at our rapidly receding liberty.

And for what? Because as sure as night follows day, whatever system you impose the terrorists will find a way to circumnavigate it before you can say "chip and pin". When are we going to wake up to this?

Unfortunately, our leaders will never wake up to the problem because they refuse to acknowledge what the problem is. The problem is Islam - but they will never ever admit it, so they'll never do anything about it.

So we'll keep subjecting your little old Granny Smith to full body searches even though we know damn well that little old Granny Smith isn't likely to try and blow the plane up. We will do this because our leaders bow down to the twin gods of secular progressivism - equality and diversity.

If you have a cancer you want it cut out. You want a cure that will target the cancer and either destroy it or neutralise it. How would we feel about a "cure" that, rather than attacking the cancer cells attacked all cells in the hope that by doing so it will kill the cancer? Not very good - especially if you knew that there was a cure that actively targeted the cancer itself, but the doctors refused to use it!

Right now, the body of western civilisation has a minor infection in its little finger. The doctors - our leaders - are fighting this infection by concentrating on every part of the body apart from the little finger. Don't worry - the body might die, but they are going to do their best to save the little finger.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Stan, spot on!

North Northwester said...

"Target Muslims", writes Ann Coulter.
It' so simple, only the PC brigade and our pusillanimous MPs can't see it.

Richard said...

I've also heard tell that a Muslim group is planning a March through the town of Wooton Bassett. How bloody depressing.

Anonymous said...

Richard, I suspect that if this Mulsim Group does attempt to march through Wooton Bassett, they won't be marching out the other side. Bastards.

William Gruff said...

Wrong, Stan!

The disease is not confined to 'the little finger'; it has infectted and addled the mind, is destroying the soul and threatens the heart o four once great nation (I describe England, not the Scotch created, multi-cultural cess pit that is modern Br*tain).

Richard said...

Henry, I think that they will make it to the other side quite easy. Our police service will ensure that.