Thursday, January 07, 2010

They don't make 'em like they used to

Perhaps the most startling revelation coming out of the latest attempt to unseat Gordon Brown is the sheer incompetence of the former secretaries of defence and health in organising the coup attempt.

Hoon and Hewitt who once headed up two major government departments responsible for the annual spend of tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers money, but it is evident from this debacle that they could not be trusted to organise the proverbial booze up in a brewery.

What this tells us about the quality of the modern politician is actually quite frightening. If Hoon and Hewitt were once considered to be amongst the ten best available men and women to lead our country then we are in an even more dire situation than even I thought.


Letters From A Tory said...

Very true, neither Hoon or Hewitt achieved anything of note in office other than clinging on longer than they deserved to.

Stan said...

Absolutely - but when you look around the government and even the front benches of the Tory and Lib Dem parties are there any truly outstanding politicians? All three are stuffed with mediocre lightweights. The fact that Brown is, quite probably, one of the oustanding politicians of his generation should be serious cause for concern. He is crap - but he's by far the best the Labour party has to offer!