Monday, February 15, 2010

Roll up, roll up

So the BNP have abandoned their whites only policy and voted to change their constitution to permit black or Asian members. I wonder if this will be enough to satisfy the racial equality bigots - somehow I don't think so.

Nor do I expect there to be a massive rush of Asian and black people applying to join - although I know personally of at least one Asian gentleman who will be sending off his membership application very shortly!

What I do think, though, is that forcing the BNP to admit non-whites to their ranks is the biggest mistake the established parties could ever make. With one stroke they have removed the main barrier that has prevented many white people from supporting the BNP - supporting, not joining. At the same time they've removed the main criticism that the mainstream parties habitually relied on to attack the BNP - that they are a "racist party".

With the demise of that barrier I suspect a lot more people will vote BNP at the next election than otherwise may have done. I don't expect the BNP to win any seats in parliament, but I do believe that this will provide the base from which they will push on to eventually achieve that goal in one or two elections time.

As such, this is a spectacular own goal from the mainstream political parties.


Letters From A Tory said...

It will be interesting to see if they can hold onto their MEP seats, seeing as the elections happened just after Expenses-gate when the whole country was up in arms about mainstream parties.

Stan said...

Not really, LFAT. For a start MEPs are a pointless waste of money elected by a crap system. The BNP were only interested in gaining seats because of the financial boost it gave them. UKIP retained most of their MEPs, but are still a useless party. The BNP are actually very good at getting the best value per pound they can with the resources they have available.

What will be interesting is how they perform at this coming election. I suspect, with additional fudning they have available, they will do better than most people think, but not well enough to win a seat.

However, I expect that, whoever wins this next election, we'll be seeing another General Election within 2-3 years - and I think the BNP will win seats that time around.

English Pensioner said...

What about the Black Police Association and the Black Lawyers' Association?

Stan said...

I don't think they'll win any seats either, English Pensioner.

They are, however, racist organisations.

bernard said...

Stanley, you've forgotten another point in favour of the BNP's distinct advantage over the other parties, namely, it hasn't become feminised by having a significant number of women in their ranks.
In fact, it is pretty much an all-male party. Many women have dropped out in recent years, and some have been stood down or ejected for being traitors.