Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear prudence

If I hear one more politician from the Labour, Tory or Liberal Democrat parties tell us of the need for financial "prudence" I will go spare.

They wouldn't know financial prudence if it bit them on the backside. The Labour Party, while our dear leader was Chancellor, frittered away untold billions of pounds of public money on various pet projects and for no discernible improvement.

But worse than that, both the opposition parties supported them in doing so. Indeed, David Cameron took great pride in telling us all how he would stick to Labour spending plans if he were Prime Minister.

Look, I've no intrinsic objections to the idea of the state taking tax from the people to pay for essential services which the public want and demand - I just have a very different idea of what those services are. As a homeowner, I know what financial prudence really means - it means living within your means and not spending what you haven't got.

Our politicians don't understand this and most likely never will - hardly surprising given their history on claiming expenses and hugely excessive personal spending.

The next time a politician from any of these parties mentions "prudence" on national TV or radio the right response from the interviewer would be to give that politician a swift, hard kick up the backside while telling him to get out and never darken our doors again.

Their idea of "prudence" has cost us dear.

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