Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So much for that idea

As the government prepares to ban the "legal high" mephedrone at least there is some good that has come out of the whole sorry saga.

It puts an end to the fallacy that legalising drugs will make them safe.


Letters From A Tory said...

Try telling that to the libertarians who continue to live in their dreamworld in which 'legalising drugs means we can regulate them and make them safe for everyone'.

Antisthenes said...

When I did the test to ascertain what type of political animal I am I did not score too high on libertarianism but I still believe that the benefits of legalising drugs far outweighs our present system. It is a pragmatic thing, 70% of crime I believe is drug related and people will take drugs whether they are illegal or not. Drug related crime will not be eliminated but it would be reduced dramatically, the use and abuse of drugs would initially increase, however it has been shown that liberalisation does not actually increase drug taking that much.

Weekend Yachtsman said...
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Weekend Yachtsman said...

Actually nobody claims that legalising drugs will make them safe - clearly they are not.

As for the current case, obviously there is no possibility whatever that the people who use this stuff at present will turn to criminal activity in order to obtain it, or turn to other - alreadly criminalised - substances instead.

No, that's impossible - it's never happened before, after all.

English Pensioner said...

Just because something has been declared illegal it doesn't automatically make everything else safe.
These idiots who take drugs seem to think that anything that is not made illegal is perfectly safe to take them. I can think of plenty of substances in this world that have not been illegal - I think that you can legally buy both Cyanide and Arsenic provided you have a reason. I'd like to force feed some of those who want to swallow fertilizer for fun with some perfectly legal substances; it might help reduce the number of idiots in the next generation!