Friday, April 16, 2010


This little tidbit from the Telegraph's "Election live" section caught my eye.

A cheeky graduate in Brighton asks Gordon Brown what he can do to help people like her find jobs - and whether she can have a job in his office.

He asks what her degree is in. It's African history. He can't help himself - he bursts out laughing. "Good luck with that," says Izzard.

What is the point of getting 50% of young people into university when the degrees they come away with are useless to British industry? It's all very well the PM having a bit of a chuckle about it, but it's his parties stupid policies that have led us to this point.


Stewart Cowan said...

It is about re-engineering society. We were meant to think it was about giving youngsters a better chance in life, but what has actually happened is the opposite in many cases, so we get:

a) a manufactured skills shortage to legitimise even more immigration;

b) massaging of unemployment figures;

c) creation of a vast army of people leaving further education up to their ears in debt;

e) half the country subjected to another few years of state indoctrination.

It has worked out as planned, so no wonder they are laughing at us.

bernard said...

Good synopsis Stewart, but why do so few not see that the carpet has been whipped from under them?
It's a rum do, but then again half of Europe remained subjugated for nigh on 60 years before the penny dropped.