Saturday, April 03, 2010

A good start

So another member of the body set up to advise the government on drugs has resigned.

Good. Now would be a good time to be shutting down pointless and unnecessary quangos - let's start with this one.


Larry said...

Exactly, Stan.

It's obvious to any logical person that the ONLY way for Britain to get out of the massive hole it's in is to abolish 99% of these needless quangos.

Unfortunately, NuLabour have created this bloated public sector and quango culture, the employees of which feel entitled to jobs for life (even though they contribute nothing positive to society).

As you've said before, the public sector contributes nothing to the economy. It's necessary to an extent; however, we could afford to trim 60-70% of our current public sector.

The sacred cow of the Left, the NHS, spends over 180 million pounds on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a condition, like many others, which has been invented by government-lobbying pharmaceutical companies.

Rant over.

Stan said...

It's not just the "jobs for life" or even the "jobs for your mates" elements that annoys me - it's when groups like this drugs advisory council start trying to dictate what government policy should be.

They should keep their mouths shut except when directly asked by government - not go around pushing their personal agendas on national TV. If they want to change government policy then they should stand for parliament.

But that's really by the by - the real question is, why do we need a permanent drugs advisory council anyway? If the government needs advice on drugs policy (which it shouldn't) then all a government needs to do is ask for that advice as and when it needs to. We most certainly do not need a permanent publicly funded body - especially when all that body does is delay and obstruct government policy making.