Friday, April 23, 2010

The missing link

I have to admit that I avoided the second Prime Ministerial debate.

I'm not watching them because I basically know what they are going to say. I know that their essential policies are the same - and I know they won't work.

Oh, I suppose you could argue that the Lib Dems have shown "clear blue water" by saying they won't go ahead with the Trident replacement (actually, they are saying they won't go ahead with it just yet - but the likelihood is that if they ever got into power they'd still replace Trident) and I suppose you could argue that the Lib Dems disagreed with the Iraq war, but as we've already withdrawn from that and the Lib Dems supported the current war in Afghanistan then it's a moot point.

When it comes to the EU they are all in agreement. They'll argue over minor technical details, but they'll all say pretty much that it is better to reform the "club" from within than without - although that didn't seem to stop them forcing reform on the BNP.

There are plenty of reasons for not watching the "Prime Ministerial debate", but one that hasn't been mentioned is the increasing likelihood that the person who ends up as our Prime Minister will not have taken part in them.

In the event of a hung parliament, it is looking more and more likely that Gordon Brown will be forced to step down and David Miliband installed in his place. This is, of course, the ideal result for the liberal progressives - as then they will have a vacuous, idea free, left wing mouthpiece devoid of values running the country just as we did under Blair.

I wish the broadcast media would understand the basic principles of our parliamentary democracy - particularly the fact that we do not elect Prime Ministers and never have. Unfortunately, when this fact finally dawns on them I suspect they'll begin a campaign to include Prime Ministerial elections - only we'll call him "President" and get rid of the monarchy.

God, British politics is so crap these days. It's as if the whole thing has been taken over by children.


Larry said...

I myself couldn't resist dipping into the debate last night, as I did the week before. I felt Cameron came out on top, in terms of policies and in terms of presence and oratorial ability too.

It's just a shame that they all started twittering on about how "important" non-existent global warming is as a non-issue. Then you realise that they're all the same.

There's a UKIP candidate in my constituency, so that's where my vote's going.

Lightf00t said...

I shall be voting UKIP. They're the only ones who don't want to sell us down the river to the EU.

bernard said...

I shall be voting for the MRLP because they haven't bored the backside off me yet.
Beat that.

Stan said...

I didn't know they were still going, bernard - thought they folded when Screaming Lord Sutch popped his clogs.

Chuckles said...

Would that it had been taken over by children, or that they were at least as competent as children.
Instead we are stuck with fanatical and fixated incompetent mediocrities.

bernard said...

....his spirit lives on, say I.