Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is what they really think of you

A lifelong Labour supporter questions the Prime Minister on immigration and he is as nice as pie to her face - but as soon as he thinks he can't be heard anymore he refers to the woman as "bigoted".

The media have jumped on this and the Prime Minister is described as "dismayed" and "apologetic". I've no doubt he is dismayed and apologetic - at being caught out, not for calling the woman a "bigot"

Gordon Brown may have been the one caught out, but don't think for a minute that he is the only one who thinks like this. Far from it - it is the default position of all progressives and that includes those in the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrat Party - they all genuinely believe that anyone who opposes immigration is a racist bigot motivated by hatred of other nations and peoples rather than a love of their own country and people.

If anyone seriously believes that Gordon Brown - or any other progressive liberal - has genuinely changed their mind about those who criticise immigration then they are a complete fool. He really does believe the woman to be a bigot.

This is the reality of progressive liberals - they say one thing to your face and another thing entirely when they think they are out of earshot and back in their cosy circle of elitists. It's why they stage manage "public" meetings so closely and take such pains to cancel dissent.

Politics used to be an open and free exchange of views and opinions - both within the political parties and in public, but the rise of progressive liberalism has changed this. Nobody is allowed to question their real motives or their real intentions - and to do so will result in the person being subjected that person to personal abuse.

We've seen in the past how these political parties are prepared to dig out any dirt they can find on people who criticise them. We've seen the way they handle dissent in their own parties - throwing people out of conference meetings and using the police to threaten and frighten them.

This is the world of progressive liberal politics - authoritarian, illiberal and vicious.

And that applies to ALL progressive liberals - and that is all we have.


Lightf00t said...

The most depressing reality of this latest debacle is that the "bigoted" woman in question will probably still go out and vote for that gimp.

wonderfulforhisage said...

I loath Brown and what he and the Satanic Trinity of Mandelson, Blair and Campbell have done to the Country.

But I also loath unfairness. I think Brown was justifiably annoyed with his team and his rant was directed at them and in particular 'Sue'.

It is clear that Team Brown's tactics include selecting Labour supporting patsies to ask GB soft questions in what appears to be a spontaneuous way so that he can deliver the lines written by Mandy and Alistair is as friendly a way as he is capable. This of course relies on his staff selecting suitable patsies.

On this occasion they cocked it up and chose a strong minded pensioner who is obviously no patsy. So instead of being lobbed questions like "How on earth do you manage to combine the roles of husband, father and being the best Prime Minister of all time?" she touched on subjects that have been banned lest they frighten the horses.

So understandably he was angry with his team and in particular Sue. This anger 'bled' over into his description of the womon whom he referred to as a bigot. I don't think he meant this literally, although only he knows. He might just as easily have referred to as a retard, or nitwit, or trouble maker, or, or or.....

His anger was with his team and my judgement is that the 'bigot' word was not meant to be taken literally.

Much as it pains me to defend the one eyed retard I do apprectiate fair play.

Note: I don't literally think that the Prime Minister is retarded, just misguided in his thinking. Retard was the first word that came to mind in my anger at the way the Country has been run these past thirteen years.

Stan said...

You may be right, wonderfulforhisage - I guess only Gordon Brown really knows.

However, I'd argue that it has been the default reaction of progressives to call anyone who questions their beliefs on immigration a "bigot", "racist", "xenophobe" or "little Englander" for so long that they really believe it now.

You are right to say it is "unfair" though - it's unfair that Brown got caught out for saying out loud what all the progressives - be they Labour, Tory or Lib Dem - privately think.

Anonymous said...

So you think Brown's spin machine threw a cog yesterday wonderfulforhisage? I do not:

“I have never agreed with the lazy elitism that dismisses immigration as an issue, or portrays anyone who has concerns and questions about immigration as a racist.”

Gordon Brown speaking in Ealing on the 12 November 2009.


English Pensioner said...

Which is why few politicians have public meetings any longer; someone might ask a difficult question!

I wonder when Gorgon last met a real, random member of the general public?

Anonymous said...

Spot on Stan. It's hard to hide what you truly think in such on-the-spot pressure situations.

To me it shows:

The current politicos utter CONTEMPT (collectively) for those who have entrusted them with the authority they have.

Standard Labour response to all those who question The New Labour Gospel of Righteousness (but i agree with your wider Prog Lib point) is to smear, label and accuse.

Don't agree with homosexual rights trumping everyone elses rights? - homophobe.

Concerned about immigration - you're a xenophobe / bigot /

Want to instill good moral, dare i say it - Christian - values in your children? - better watch out, your children might be removed because of your fanatical and intolerant religious beliefs.