Monday, May 03, 2010

An angry young man

That's Nick Clegg - apparently.

Nick Clegg is angry with Gordon Brown. Nick Clegg is angry with the Labour Party and the Tory Party.

Good! It's about time one of the party leaders got a bit of fire in his belly. So what's got that nice Nick all hot under the collar?

Is it the way that successive Labour and Tory governments have destroyed the British economy?


Is it the destruction and dismantling of our manufacturing and industrial sector?


Is it the dire education systems which fails more and more young people leaving them barely able to read or write and incapable of holding down a proper job?


Is it the way Tories and Labour have committed our armed forces to more and more overseas operations while systemically cutting their equipment and resources?


Is it the way successive Tory and Labour governments have sold more and more of our sovereignty to the European Union?

Of course not.

Is it the way our town and city centres become virtual war zones every Friday and Saturday night as drunken louts rampage through the streets?


Is it the way the police have switched from protecting the law abiding majority to using them as a means of raising extra revenue?


Is it the fact that the police and criminal justice system have given up on trying to deal with the massive levels of crime in favour of "managing" the statistics?


What bothers Nick is nothing to do with British people - he's worried about the way we treat immigrants.

Yep - there are a thousand reasons why Nick could be angry for the sake of the British nation and the British people, but all he really cares about are foreigners and sod the British.

And people are going to vote for this idiot?


dickiebo said...

Good 'un, Stan. I have featured it as my 'Guest Blog' today - cross-referenced here of course. Hope you don't mind.

Stan said...

Of course I don't mind, Dickie - I'm delighted as always.