Friday, May 07, 2010

How much longer are Tory voters going to keep fooling themselves?

How much more confirmation do traditional Tory voters need that the party they support is no longer conservative than the fact that Cameron is prepared to work with the Lib Dems to form a government?

And how much more confirmation that the three main parties are all the same than the fact that the same party that Cameron is prepared to work with is also prepared to work with the Labour Party?

The only reason Labour and the Tories aren't prepared to work with each other is the traditional enmity of their supporters.

Face the truth Conservative supporters - the party you support do not support your values anymore. The Tories are the same as the Lib Dems and the Lib Dems are the same as Labour. There is no conservative party for you to support anymore.

So stop voting for them.


David Vance said...


Anonymous said...

Not only did Lord Fondleboys change the Labour Party, he changed the Conservative Party as well - a very clever, very dangerous man.


North Northwester said...

Hmm, we may have to regroup a bit...
I more firmly beleive that this will be a generations-long struggle, and it may best be fought at a local level, Allinskyite-fashion,
Still no sign of a breakaway true-blue Tory faction, but it's too early in the history of this newest national betrayal to expect much of shell-shocked successful Tory candidates.
Later, as da yoof say.

Stan said...

I heard Tim Montgomerie say that the Tory grass roots were very unhappy with both the Cameron campaign and what went on before, but were soothed by a promise that this method would deliver the Tories to power.

It didn't and Montgomerie seemed to think there would be a comeuppance. I don't think that will will manifest as a change in the Tory leadership or direction so, if Montgomerie is right, it's going to have to be a break away.

wbellomy said...

Feeling like an American conservative faced with the choice of John McCain and the Republican establishment, are we? No quick solution offered here. Just a fraternal note from across the Atlantic to say that you're not alone in having no party that conservatives can trust.

From Texas it looks like the Republican party will blow itself up after winning significantly this November because it will fail its conservative base, being a party of whores and midgets.

Cameron's party might be as vulnerable to failing its natural base -- and it certainly doesn't seem to be bothered by greater integrity or normal height.

Be glad Labour's exorcised for the moment. Over here we have to wait to fumigate the Executive branch and may never get the Congress smelling clean again.