Friday, May 07, 2010

Whatever happened to the likely lad?

Nick Clegg that is.

We were told that he won the debates.

We were told that he had increased Lib Dem support across the nation.

We were told that his personal popularity was greater than that of either of the other two leaders.

We were told that he'd lead more Lib Dem MPs in the next parliament than ever before.

We were told that he'd beat the Labour Party into third place for share of vote.

But at the end of the day he's lost seats. Anyone wondering why? I've certainly heard plenty of commentators on TV and the radio wondering about this - but I'm not.

You see, the people of Britain might like Nick as a person - but they don't like his policies. What we can categorically say from these results is that the British people .....

..... do not want an amnesty for illegal immigrants or any more unrestrained immigration.

..... do not want to be subsumed further and further into the EU.

..... do not want the euro as their currency.

..... and they most certainly do not want proportional representation or "electoral reform".

Being nice isn't enough to win over the British people - especially when you're an anti-British, narrow-minded fool whose idea of government is to kneel subserviently to a foreign power.

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