Friday, May 07, 2010

You ain't got no mandate either, mate!

Dave's speech to his constituency workers consisted of some line about Labour having "lost the mandate" to govern.

True enough - but they've not given that mandate to you either, sunshine. In fact, it is pretty clear that the voters don't think much of any of the three main parties - and that is despite them spending huge sums of money persuading you to vote for them and despite an enormous amount of free publicity provided at great expense by the media (and the taxpayer) which included three television "debates" in which only those three parties were represented.

The only clear message from this election is that the people of Britain have had enough of the old parties. They don't like them, they don't trust them and they don't want them.

Their time is running out.

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Lightf00t said...

I think that the Scottish are in a worse state mentally than the English - Labour experienced a surge in support up here! Unbelievable. The Scots are obviously hooked on state handouts, which is why that incompetent moron Gordon Brown got an increased share of the vote in his constituency. Mind you, the average voter in his neck of the woods hasn't figured out how to use their opposable thumbs. A lot of them don't have opposable thumbs; they must have voted with a handprint.

As you can probably guess, I'm seething right about now. That's it for me. Once I'm a qualified nurse, I'm getting the hell out of this country. At least the weather's nice in Australia.