Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is the message getting through, yet?

As yet another nation distorted by the corrupt and bankrupt policy of multiculturalism collapses into violent, bloody ethnic conflict Central Asia I can not help but wonder whether anyone in Britain is taking note of this.

The first thing to say about the troubles in Kyrgyzstan is that it really isn't any of our business directly. However, what I will say is that the lessons we can learn from this (and from similar previous incidents such as what happened in the Balkans) is that multiculturalism does not work - ever.

Which is why our leaders and politicians are playing a dangerous game by insisting that they can make it work and that it is good for Britain - and they are playing this dangerous game with our nation and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

It should be impossible for them to ignore the evidence that multiculturalism is not just a misguided policy, but a potentially explosive and catastrophic policy - everywhere it is tried the end result is eventually violence and bloodshed. It should be impossible, but somehow they do.

They do because they stupidly deceive themselves that this can not happen here because we are British and its just not the "British way" to do things. That may have been true fifty years ago, but after decades of multiculturalism being imposed on the people of Britain we no longer have a British cultural dominance and we also have an increasing ethnic population who have no attachment to "the British way" of doing things.

We must make our politicians listen to us. Multiculturalism has never worked anywhere and it is stupid to assume that we can make it work in Britain. They have to abandon their belief in this dangerous policy now and abandon it for ever.


Barnacle Bill said...

I fully agree with you Mr. Stan.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Multiculturism is a fantastic failure here in Canada. We have different sets of rules and laws for one group vs another (latest is to consider the mitigating factors of honour killing by muslims when sentencing!). All it does is set neighbour after neighbour, increase rancour and create resentment.