Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New look for Ranting Stan

It's about time I refreshed the look of this blog and I thought this had a nice summery feel to it.

Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

I thought I had come across a blog for dairy crest butter for a moment :-)

Very country summery feel.

Toque said...

Very nice. Pimms anyone?

staybryte said...




JuliaM said...

I do like it! Much more 'up to date'. Is it the new Blogger Template Designer?

Stan said...

It is - I think :)

William Gruff said...

It's awful Stan.

The Big Dollop said...


Did you receive a graphic equalizer with it - its a trifle loud - each to his own I suppose.

I'm Just kidding on Sir.

In all sincerity I reckon the "summertime" theme won't detract from the excellent content of your blog.