Friday, June 04, 2010

Why why?

With the events in Whitehaven and west Cumbria still very fresh in the mind, I don't want to appear insensitive, but I have a problem with the news and the ongoing investigation.

The big question on everyones lips is "why"?

What I want to know is why it is considered so important to know why he did what he did - and particularly why the police need to continue to investigate. They know the crimes committed and who did it - so surely that is the end of the investigation? They have the victims and the killer. The killer is dead so there is no need to prepare a case to prosecute and I really can't figure out what they think they will gain by knowing why he did what he did.

I could understand the need to know why if, for example, this was a politically motivated killing spree, but in these sorts of incidents the trigger will be different from person to person. Understanding why Derrick Bird flipped his lid and went around shooting people at random will not help to prevent the next nutter losing his rag and going on a murder rampage.

I'm sure the police think they are doing the right thing - after all, isn't it all about that dreadful word "closure", but I am dubious of this. Firstly because whatever reason they come up with will only be speculation - Bird is dead so you're never going to know why he did this really - and secondly because I don't think "closure" in these circumstances is achieved by knowing why someone killed your relative - only by knowing who and that is already known.


Larry Newman said...
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Lightf00t said...

It really is eerie how your opinions chime with mine, Stan. My exact words yesterday at work when the news wonder how long they're going to drag this out, dissecting and analysing."

The way I see it, this obsession with analysing everything to the nth degree is one of the major problems with this society we're now living in. So-called experts will probe and posture and use big words, giving "expert" analyses, but there's no point to it whatsoever as nothing gets done.

Although off topic, why do we find ourselves nowadays barraged by global warming alarmism? Well one of the reasons is because we allow people with an over-inflated sense of their own skill and importance loose in the world of science; they then proceed to analyse the information they have and then reach some form of conclusion. However, facts can almost always be used to argue the case for any cause really.

I hope I'm making sense. This over-analusing has got to stop.

Stan said...

I think part of the reason, Lightf00t, is 24 hour rolling news. Back when I were a young lad the news was a twenty minute bulletin around 6 PM and 9 PM. Being so short it was actually full of news - but with 24 hour rolling news they need to fill it with something so they invite "experts" on to discuss everything and anything - which means it isn't "news", but opinion portrayed as news most of the time.

JuliaM said...

"What I want to know is why it is considered so important to know why he did what he did - and particularly why the police need to continue to investigate. They know the crimes committed and who did it - so surely that is the end of the investigation?"

Oh, no! Now we have the apportioning of blame, and the tightening of restrictions, and the riding of hoby horses and the genuflecting before psychiatrists and criminologists and then, after all that...

...comes the compensation lawyers!

That's just how these things go.

Captain Haddock said...

I'm very much afraid that the "why" is a cynical part of any investigation today ..

The "why" is so that those in command of any situation which ends in this dreadful way (whether its their fault or not) need to hold these post-mortems (no pun intended) to ensure that they can't be blamed & so have their climb up the greasy pole of promotion spoiled ..

That there is no legislation on earth which could have prevented this tragedy is unimportant, that the Police could not possibly have predicted this situation, is of no consequence, scapegoats will have to be found

"Lessons will be learned" .. the usual stock phrase in such situations means in reality that lessons in the "self-preservation" & protection of one's highly political Police "personal career plan" will be learned ..

The "investigation" is in truth to find some poor sod, further back down the line to lay the blame on ..

Antisthenes said...

The why I want to know is why the police did not stop this guy sooner in fact they did not stop him at all he stopped it himself. It looks to me that who ever was coordinating the hunt was was crap at his job which does not surprise me as they the police with all the other public bodies have people in senior positions who are totally incompetent. Labour's dumbing down has been a total success something they I am sure very proud of.