Monday, September 20, 2010

I can take the despair, it's the hope I can't stand

So the Pope has come and gone and the ranting secular atheists who went to such lengths to disrupt his state visit have been left looking rather foolish, petty and bigoted - as, indeed, so many of them are.

The BBC spent most of their time trying to promote criticism of the Pope and the Catholic Church and only switched tactics when it became apparent that instead of being a damp squib as they predicted, the visit went rather well. Of course, it helps that the Pope, rather than swinging like a leaf in the breeze, is firm and certain in his convictions his faith - unlike the leaders of the branch of Christianity I follow; Anglicanism.

I've said this many times before, but it doesn't do any harm to keep repeating it even if nobody listens. People want certainty and strength in their faith. What use are beliefs if you don't believe in them? Our leaders tell us that our church has to change with the times, but why? There is no evidence to support this contentious claim - just the opposite in fact, as church attendance has shrunk considerably since the Anglican church became so ambiguous in its defence of certain moral standards.

The difference between the Catholic Church and the Church Of England has never been more apparent than in the way the Pope refuses to bow to "fashion" while our own Church prevaricates and procrastinates. The result of that is that the Pope comes across as a strong leader who answers his critics and shows them up to be the intolerant fools they are, while the leaders of the C of E look weak and abject in comparison.

As a committed Anglican I still see the Catholic Church as the natural enemy of England, but even I am starting to believe that the only future Christianity may have in this country is a Roman Catholic one. I hope I'm wrong - but I'm sure that this recent visit will have many Anglicans switching to the RC version of the faith. I still can't as long as there remains hope that the beautiful and solemn faith which Anglicanism once was may return.

I realise that it is probably a forlorn hope - but as long as it remains I'll remain an Anglican.

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