Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heroes and miracles

The incredible story of the rescue of 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days in Chile has to be one of the stories of the year - if not the decade. I'm a huge admirer or anyone who makes their living working underground as a miner - they are all heroes as far as I'm concerned - but these men go far beyond even that admiration. They displayed a spirit and stoicism which any Briton would have been proud of.

But it also reminds us that even in this post-modern, ultra cynical, anti-God world miracles do still happen. The only thing that has changed is our ability to recognise them as such, but this story - along with that of the baby in Australia brought back to life after two hours by the love and hugs of his mother to the utter disbelief of medical professionals who had declared the child dead - proves beyond doubt that heroes and miracles still exist and are among us.

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