Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who are ya?

As far as pompous acts go, David Cameron attempting to lecture the Chinese on how they should manage their country must rank pretty high in the all time top ten. Coming from the "leader" of a nation who wasn't democratically elected by the people, but was appointed by a small cabal of politicians, I should think it must rank pretty high on the all time hypocritical list too.

However, although Cameron, like the leader of China, has not won an election to claim the position of leader, the similarities end there. While China's economy forges ahead, Britain's limps along. While China's influence on the world stage accelerates, Britain's is stuck in reverse gear and while China's military continues to expand - entirely paid for by the USA - Britain can no longer afford to defend itself as we spend more covering the interest on our enormous debt to China than we do on the armed forces.

It's actually quite hard to think of a suitable analogy for this ludicrous situation. At first, I thought it must be like an elephant being shouted at by an ant - but that isn't really accurate, because the ant - though tiny - isn't dependent on the elephant. No - it's more like a dung beetle complaining to an elephant about the way it tramples the undergrowth while depositing a pile of crap on which the dung beetle depends.

Will China pay any heed to Cameron? Will the elephant change it's way of life because of the complaints of a dung beetle? No - China is on course to become the world's largest economy, the world's largest military and the most influential nation on the planet. Britain is on course to become a debt riddled dependency.

I think Cameron should get back to shovelling dung at home.

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