Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lord Carey is wrong

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has suggested that Britain has become "ashamed" of Christmas.

He is wrong.

Although I welcome Lord Carey's comments for bringing the matter to public attention, the simple fact is that, although many are ignorant of the message and meaning of Christmas, most British people are not ashamed of Christmas or the Christian heritage of the nation.

Lord Carey is falling into the same trap that many commentators and opinion formers do - he is assuming that the thoughts and actions of those in authority are representative of the general population. They are not.

The fact is that authority in Britain is dominated by political correctness. The simple truth is that unless you subscribe to the politically correct world view of progressive liberalism there isn't a hope that you may reach a position of authority in Britain today. It doesn't matter whether you work for one of the major political parties, in the public sector or civil service or for a private company - unless you sign up to the policies of progressive liberalism you will not reach any significant position of authority.

This isn't because most people are progressive liberals either - it is because it has become enshrined in our law that you must subscribe to these views ... publicly at least.

You are required, by law, to actively pursue the policies of "diversity", "mulitculturalism" and "non-discrimination". As a result, nobody who doubts the validity or need for these policies can or will reach any position where they can influence policy making or decision making in any significant body. Even if they do, the slightest step out of line will see them very quickly removed from that position.

So, the whole of British authority is dominated by a particular mind set which assumes that we all accept that mind set as well - even though most of us do not. The vast majority of people in Britain do not wish each other "Seasons Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" at this time of year - we say Happy or Merry Christmas.

The fact that virtually all public celebrations - whether it is on Christmas cards, decorations or displays - are devoid of anything relating to the birth of Christ is entirely down to the fact that authority in Britain today is dominated by minority opinion which is not representative of the general population.

They are not "ashamed" - they are just ignorant and unable to think any other way.


Senior said...

Christmas is celebrated the way people want to celebrate it. People could choose to only buy Christmas cards that reflect the Christmas message, but they have chosen to buy secular cards instead. Christians aren't being persecuted, but society has decided that Christianity isn't as important as it once was.

Larry said...


While they are maybe not exactly persecuted, Christians most definitely get a raw deal in the media and public life when compared to Islam in particular. You can see the pretentious sneering by all of the lefty comedians on the BBC with regard to the subject of Christianity. The gloves are off when it comes to Christianity.

But they'll say nowt about those peace-loving muslims.....

Stan said...

People buy what ever Christmas cards the producers produce - and the people who decide what will be produced are those in authority. Society has decided no such thing - the people who have authority in society have decided that Christianity can be marginalised and the results of that decision are apparent in the high crime rates and low moral standards in society.