Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Al Beeb's priorities

Once upon a time - when Britain was still a sane country and the BBC was still a British broadcasting company - the news bulletins would always begin with home news. It didn't matter what was going on in the rest of the world, the news always followed the same pattern - home news, foreign news, sport, weather.

There was only one thing that could shift the priority and that was when some far flung country was struck by a catastrophic natural disaster - floods, hurricanes, volcano or earthquake. No matter what else was going on at home, a natural disaster was always the lead story.

How things have changed. Such is the BBC's interest and fascination in all matters relating to events in the various despotic Moslem states that even a devastating earthquake in New Zealand couldn't distract them from their coverage of events in Libya - even though nobody really has a clue what is going on there.

Let's be honest about this. Libya is a dump of a country whose only connection to Britain is that their government likes to fund and equip terrorists hell bent on causing us harm. New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth with our Queen as their head of state, a government and legal system based on that of Britain and peopled by people who are very much like us in every respect.

But the BBC decided that Libya was more important?

Why? How on earth can they have come to the decision to put the events of Libya ahead of the disaster in Christchurch - there isn't even a comparison! You can be sure there were high level discussions about which story should lead the main news - and the winner was the story about the Moslem terrorist haven not the country which is so much like our own.

It demonstrates the priorities of Al Beeb perfectly. In their world, the Moslems must always be given priority.


superstar racing said...
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English Pensioner said...

I also no than no one has suggested that New Zealand might need some aid. They probably don't, but that's hardly the point.

Michele said...

It may not be covered by the BBC - our floods weren't very well - but there is aid on the way to NZ from the UK and should be on the ground tomorrow.

Thought you might like to know since it is highlighted in our news here in Australia even if the BBC doesn't deem it worthy of reporting.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

So, what effect will the New Zealand earthquake have on the price of oil, then?

Even apart from that, more people have already died in Libya, thanks to this upheaval, than in the entire NZ incident; plus, it's only about two hours' flying time from the South coast.

It's possible the bbc aren't completely wrong.

TheFatBigot said...

I'd prefer the Beeb led with Libya than with its usual slanted take on all activities of our current government.