Monday, February 21, 2011

The spread of infantilism

I'm sure Katherine Dewar is a very pleasant young girl from a lovely family - and I think her design for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is quite charming and naively endearing - but am I alone in thinking that it really is not suitable to be the official design for such an event?

I've been saying for years that the way our society is becoming so childish bothers me, but I could at least console myself that the royal family managed to retain a degree of adult dignity and gravitas - with the exception of the self-indulgent and very childish Duchess of York. Now it seems even the Queen has succumbed to the rampant infantilism that is infecting our nation.

Let's all just grow up, start behaving like adults and leave childish things to children.


Anonymous said...

For the past few years I've noticed this in television adverts. From car insurance to food to banking services it's either cartoons or fluffy, puffy beautiful people extolling the virtues of the products they try to sell us.
It's all rather embarrassing really and is like watching childrens telly. It's the same with programmes like countryfile. Hardly any mention of real countryside issues but all seen from the standpoint of bored urban dwellers looking for something to do over the weekend. "Darling, let's take the car and drive to those yummy forests we saw on the television the other day".

Stan said...

You're spot on, anon - particularly about "Countryfile".

bernard said...

I'm surprised there isn't an outcry against her European ethnicity.
The very idea...