Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BBC: It's not the work of terrorists!

"Bomb strikes Iraq wedding party" screams the headline.

A bomb has ripped through a wedding convoy in Baghdad, killing at least 15 people, four of them children, the interior ministry says.

Any suggestion how the bomb did it?

The bomb came as residents of Sadr City celebrated the lifting of a security cordon around the Shia stronghold.

Any idea how the bomb "came" then Al-Beeb? No. Apparently the BBC think the bomb just appeared in the middle of all these people and self-detonated. Of course this should receive the attention it really deserves. This is breakthrough science. A bomb that makes itself, delivers itself to a target undetected and then explodes at the optimum moment. If only we had something like that in the arsenal of the British Army!

Unfortunately, it's fantasy. The reality is that the bomb did not "strike". Terrorists struck. The bomb did not come by itself it was taken there by murderous terrorists with the intent of killing innocent civilians against all the laws of war and against all the treaties you wish to name.

The BBC won't use the word terrorist though. It would be hard to find a term more suitable for people who carry out attacks such as this, so the BBC get round it by blaming the attack on an inanimate object.


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