Monday, September 10, 2007

Right flight

The collapse of PFKAC (Party Formerly Known As Conservative - pronounced "Poofcack") into just another liberal progressive dominated pile of confused mush has taken a long time, but the decline of the Daily Telegraph has been far more spectacular.

This once proud bastion of conservative ideals has published a commentary today on one of the few policies that Cameron has come up with which could have come straight from the pen of one of The Guardian's team 0f left wing zealots.

Responding to the Tory proposal to levy a "showroom tax" on cars depending on how "green" they are, the Telegraph forgets all that is good about conservatism and throws it's weight behind the idea.

From what I can gather, these plans for a “showroom tax” on new cars are sensible, well thought out and years ahead of Labour.

How on earth can an extra tax on a car just because it is larger or more expensive be considered sensible? Owners of these cars already pay more tax through vehicle excise duty and fuel. This proposal is just one more "stealth" tax - the very thing the Tories - sorry, Poofcack - should be berating the Labour party about. By proposing more of the same they instantly renounce the right to do that - so how exactly is that supposed to help the Tory cause?

Also exciting are proposals to offer tax cuts though rebates in stamp duty and reductions in council tax to householders who save energy. This would enable us to do something about our polluting houses at last.

Does anyone in the media think anymore? Have they considered the simple fact that these rebates would require monitoring, inspection, management and administration. Do they think this will be cheap? The saving in any rebate will be recouped elsewhere to pay for the scheme. More quangos, more public sector employees and more drain on the private sector taxpayer.

Sensible, too, are proposals to make the food retailers and manufacturers deal with the plastic packaging. So the Tories at last have some policies that sound more sensible than Labour's.

Sensible, my arse. Again it's an ill thought out and badly conceived idea. Of course food retailers and manufacturers should work to reduce packaging, but half the reason the packaging is the way it is is thanks to government legislation and also the governments inability to crack down on crime. The reason so many things are packed in bulky packages is that they are a lot harder to stuff down your trousers and walk out without paying for.

To find the Telegraph loudly cheering for a Tory party which, when it finally delivers a policy of sorts, proposes more tax, more state interference and more bloating of the public sector is very depressing.

The liberal progressives now have total control over the mainstream media, There is nothing left on the right.


Anonymous said...


Read this, tell us what you think:

Stan said...

It wouldn't surpirse me in the least, sir hm - but I gave up on the Tories a long time ago. Or rather they gave up on me and millions like me who believe in conservatism.

More depressing still is the way the formerly conservative media is deserting conservatism as evidenced by the Telegraph pulishing a leader that celebrates more tax and public spending - wtf is that all about.

And yet, the fastest growing newspaper is the Mail - which all the liberals hate with a passion because of it's conservative, right wing viewpoint.

A real Conservative leader would notice that and wonder why it is that newspapers like the Indy, Grauniad and Telegraph are leaking readership while the Mail grows.

The reason is that people have had enough of "centre ground" and "nuanced" politics and want conviction, passion and certainty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stan. I really didn't know what to make of it.

As you feel about the Conservatives, I feel about Labour. I didn't change: they did. I posted them the two halves of my membership card back in 1999 (You may think it strange for me to say this, my having been in the Labour party once upon a time, but I'm rather small c conservative in many ways, as are many of the people who left this thing that now calls itself a Labour Party - more have left than have stayed).

Liberals are ... well - liberals.

What are we British to do? I'm having a Black Dog moment. Sorry.

Stan said...

Not strange to hear you say that at all,sir hm - most Labour supporters were social conservatives. My dad was too and, just like you, he was horrified by what happened to the party.

The cultural marxists - under the disguise of progressive liberalism and using the tactic of "centre ground" politics - have taken over all the main parties effectively turning Britain into a one party state.

And it did not happen by accident.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


I'm still laughing.

...and I'm changing the link to the Tories on my blog.