Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What will fill the vacuum in a post-liberal progressive Britain?

Over on the Telegraph, Janet Daley has a good comment piece which is well worth a read.

Question one: what happens when you leave rubbish outside people's homes for two weeks? The planet stops overheating and life on earth is saved? Nope. But you do get lots of well-fed rats and flies happily paddling around the households of suburban Britain.

Daley then runs through a couple of other issues - underage drinking and council surveillance - before concluding that what we are witnessing are the "death throes of 20th-century ideology: the idea that the state is the only repository of civic virtue and moral authority."

Daley is remarkably coy at naming names, but I'm not. The ideology she is referring to is progressive liberalism - the touchy feely offshoot of Marxism. Socialism. Call it what you will.

However, I'm not convinced that we are seeing the death throes of progressive liberalism just yet. Oh yes - it WILL die in time, but not anytime soon.

The big question which Daley fails to answer is - what will replace it when it does?

Progressive liberalism replaced Christianity as the "moral authority" in western civilisation, but I don't see even a remote possibility that this will make a return. Particularly as Anglicanism - the traditionally British form of Christianity - has bought into the progressive liberalism ideology as much as anyone else has. So it won't be Christianity that returns no matter how much I would like it to.

Conservatism? From whom? From where? The only party even close to conservatism we have in Britain today is UKIP - and even I'm not convinced they are truly conservative or will ever be fit to govern.

If not Christianity or conservatism, what then? Islam? Well, I'm pretty certain that Europe will become a predominantly Islamic continent in the next 50-100 years - I'm sure that we'll be seeing the first official Islamic enclaves in certain European nations within the next 10-20 years - but I don't think Britain will go that way. Not willingly, anyway.

Far more likely in my opinion is that Britain will become nationalistic. What's wrong with that, I hear you say (or not). Isn't Stan always banging on about nationalism?

Well, yes - but there is nationalism and then there is nationalism. The political historians will tell you there are two types of nationalism - civil nationalism (like the SNP) or ethnic (like the BNP) - but I don't agree. There are, in my opinion, two other types of nationalism - socialist (like Nazi Germany) and conservative (like pre-WW2 Britain).

People seem to forget, probably because it's been hounded out of school history teaching, that Britain was for many centuries a nationalist country - but it was a nationalism with the underlying structures and institutions characteristically conservative.

Over the last 50 years or so we have eradicated the values of conservatism and the sense of nationalism - partly because of a loss of national confidence post World War 2, but mostly through a deliberate policy that claimed, falsely in my opinion, that nationalism is always bad, because that was what the Nazis were.

But the Nazis were not conservative nationalists. The were socialist nationalists.

Everyone seems to think they were right wing - again, mostly because that has been the deliberate message put out by the left - but the Nazis were not conservative or right wing in the true meaning of these terms. Germany was the birthplace of Marxism and was significantly socialist long before most people even knew what socialism was. The Nazis inherited a country which had underlying structures and institutions which were socialist - all they did was add the self-confidence of nationalism (lost after the Great War) to those structures and then used those very structures and institutions to embed their own brand of "National Socialism" into the German political consciousness.

They did it through indoctrination - and this is exactly the same technique used by progressive liberalism in this country over the last half century. Our children are taught this ideology from a very early age and have it drummed into them from all angles. Given that this is the same technique used by the Nazis and that I believe socialism can only ever have one outcome then it is my conclusion that Britain will become a national socialist state. How soon that will happen - I don't know. Probably not in my lifetime, but it may do.

Don't confuse capitalism with conservatism either. Capitalism is not a political system it is an economic system. It is possible to be socialist and capitalist - Nazi Germany was, China is. China is also fervently nationalistic - it is another national socialist state. Just like Nazi Germany and just like the Soviet Union - the only difference from the USSR is that it has adopted the economic system of capitalism, but it still remains a nation with underlying structures and institutions which are predominantly socialist. Call it fascism if you like - as far as I'm concerned fascism is just the flip side of the Marxist coin.

I believe that is the road Britain will take - partly because of circumstance, but also out of necessity against the rising tide of Islamic imperialism. I still believe - because I have faith in the basic fundamental values of the British people - that after a brief dalliance with national socialism Britain will throw off the shackles of socialist dogma and return to it's inherently conservative ways whilst still retaining it's national self belief. When it does we will see a resurgent Britain recognised throughout the world as a beacon of (real) democratic values and strength.

But I have no illusions that it will be an easy transition. Last time it happened we had to go through a civil war and those very hard fought for rights and values we've all but given up on in the last fifty years.

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