Monday, February 23, 2009

Double standards

That seems to be the general message of this story.

A white schoolboy left for dead by a hammer-wielding gang of Asians has insisted the attack was racially motivated.

In the past, the establishment have insisted that a "race crime" is any crime in which either the victim or a witness feels that there was a racial element to the incident, but it seems that despite all the evidence and the views of this particular victim that isn't the case.

The British people aren't stupid. They'll see the ease with which any number of Asian or black victims have succeeded in getting a crime against them committed by a white person labelled as "racial" and how hard it is for a white person to do the same and they'll draw the conclusion that there are indeed double standards applied when it comes to racially motivated crime.

And people wonder why support for the BNP is on the increase?

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