Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Are we opening the door to extremists?

Alice Miles thinks that denial is going to open the door to the "extremists" of the BNP.

.... mainstream political leaders need to talk more about race, poverty and migration. Continuing to triangulate gingerly around the issues is leaving the door open to the extremists.

Actually, it is because successive Labour and Tory governments have left the door wide open to extremists coming here from all over the place that people have finally had enough of unrestrained immigration. That is why a British tourist was murdered in Mali - because we let in a dangerous extremist Moslem "cleric" and terrorist. That's why some of the world's most wanted criminals are believed to be in Britain.

That's why we have to submit to having our hard won and centuries cherished traditional freedoms and liberties being eroded. It's because there are countless thousands of Moslem extremists now living here that our police forces are unable to concern themselves with tackling crime and disorder as they are so busy tracking terrorists.

That's why organised crime - almost entirely run by foreign extremists - is rising significantly and why slavery is once more a regular feature in Britain today.

When it comes to worrying about "extremists" the BNP are the least of the concerns for the ordinary British person. If the mainstream media and the main political parties are serious about tackling extremism then lets see them start kicking out some of the scum like Quatada who infest our country and leech off our welfare state while orchestrating the demise of our nation.

It was the Labour and Tory parties who "opened the door to extremists" when they allowed unrestricted immigration into our country - without ever asking us what we thought of that. When they start to take the real and foreign extremists seriously then they can start talking about the concerns they have over the policies of a legitimate and British political party.


john b said...

That's why organised crime - almost entirely run by foreign extremists

Cite? I accept that a nontrivial proportion of organised crime is run by foreigners, but IMX they've mostly been secular bastards - the extremists rant a lot and sometimes explode, but behave themselves when it comes to acquisitive crime.

Stan said...

"Cite?" LOL! This is a blog not a scientific study!

How about the visa scam in the papers recently - people trafficking, prostitution, illegal workers and so on. And I never said they weren't secular - just extremist and foreign.

Gez said...

Those secular extremists are a wild bunch.

Stan said...

They can be, Gez. The Nazis were secular, extreme and pretty nasty. The Chinese were secular, extreme and pretty nasty. The Soviet Union was secular, extreme and pretty nasty. Secular communists in countries all over the world have been extreme and pretty nasty. Add 'em all up and yuo'll notice that some 200 million people all over the world were killed by secular extremists during the 20th century alone.