Monday, September 25, 2006

The fur starts to fly

A bunch of "celebrity" women are featured in todays Daily Mail sans clothing displaying their delicious - or not as it happens - derrieres.


Because they are opposed to the wearing of fur. Quite why being opposed to the wearing of fur should make a bunch of has been women want to have their arses revealed to the world isn't clear - but I suspect it's because they want us to understand where their thinking comes from.

Why are people opposed to fur? Because they "feel" for the little fluffy bunny wunnies and so on that are slaughtered to make fur coats. Fortunately for us, our ancestors weren't beset with such squeamishness, otherwise we wouldn't have got through the ice age and these little darlings wouldn't have the opportunity to make their views - and backsides - known.

But if you take away all the touchy feely nonsense about "poor little animals" and have a little think about fur it is quite clearly the best option.

For a start it is entirely natural. It is a natural resource - just like fish, livestock, fruit and countless other wonders of nature. It is also, when managed properly, a sustainable resource. It's also very good at what it is supposed to do - keep people warm. Fur farming and manufacture is not environmentally harmful - and when managed properly in decent, civilised countries, it is also humane and ethical.
What about fake fur? Completely unnatural of course. It requires chemical processes which pollute and damage the environment (and probably does more harm to little fluffy bunny wunnies than real fur). It requires huge amounts of an unsustainable resource - oil (yes, you need oil to make fake fur - lots and lots of it) and because it's cheap and nasty, when it's no longer required people chuck it away and buy a new fake fur - creating waste and more pollution.

And thanks to the animal rights nuts in this country - the ethical and well managed fur farms that used to thrive have been driven out. Instead we import cheap rubbish from China where they have fewer qualms about ripping little fluffy bunny wunnies - or animal rights nuts - to pieces.

So come on ladies, if you really want to go "au naturel" go buy a real fur coat and cover up your sagging behinds.

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