Monday, September 25, 2006

Quango, quango, quango

For some reason, this has managed to slip out without receiving much attention from the MSM.

Our government is spending some £124 BILLION on quangos and it gets virtually no coverage (or none that I noticed) on the TV news. How can this be? How can we be spending almost £50 BILLION pounds more on these quangos than we do on the NHS and yet no one makes a fuss?

Come to that, how can we spend so much on these comfortable jobs for ex-politicians, their cronies and mates, while our soldiers are dying for want of decent kit, weapons and resources in Afghanistan and Iraq? How many A-10's or attack helicopters would £124 billion buy?

If we put a tenth of that £124 billion into properly equipping our armed forces they'd be the envy of the world.

How far would that £124 billion go to providing a decent pension and care for our elderly?

Or securing our borders?

Or cleaning our streets of grime and crime?

Why aren't Her Majesty's loyal opposition jumping up and down over this? Probably because they are as complicit in creating this bureaucratic state as Nu-Labour - and because they hope to benefit from a nice little position in one of these quangos one day.

I'd love to know how much of this massive waste of public, taxpayer money is down to the EU. I would bet that many of these quangos are in response to some EU directive, regulation or requirement.

If anyone has the time to look into it, you can find a list of these quangos here .....

Public bodies site

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