Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cameron's mixed messages

Conservative leader David Cameron's keynote speech at the Tory conference yesterday suggests that he just can not stop himself trying to be all things to all people (except traditonal Tories).

In particular, I was struck by his apparent support for the traditional two parent married family - while at the same time telling us that all other forms of relationship are equally valid.

This can not work. It has to be one or the other.

The traditional two parent marriage has been proven by study after study to be the best way to bring up children. Children are happier, achieve more and are less likely to become waywayrd if they are brought up in a stable two parent marriage. Women in marriage are four times LESS likely to be victims of domestic violence. It is quite right for the state to give preferential support to the traditonal two parent married family as it has a benefit for society.

But if you insist that other forms of relationship are equally valid then you are instantly under pressure to ensure that they receive equal treatment and status - morally, socially and legally.

At some point, Cameron is going to have to put flesh to the bones of his policies. He can't keep avoiding this forever. It is then he is going to find out that the devil is in the detail.

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