Thursday, October 05, 2006

The nation of England? It's just your imagination!

You may have noticed that one of my pet hates are the so-called "social sciences". This includes political science.

In an interview with the CEP, Peter Facey proves once again how gullible and sheep-like our politicians are. In the interview, Facey says, "Lets start from the beginning. Nations don’t need governments or states to be Nations; they simple[sic] need people to believe in them. Nations and nationalism as my old political science tutor taught me are imagined communities"

Gawd help us!

The phrase "imagined communities" was invented by Benedict Andersen who claimed that a nation is "imagined because the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow-members, meet them, or even hear of them, yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion".

Somehow, this wonderful piece of bullshit has become accepted fact even though it is easily demonstrated as patently false. For instance, it is unlikely that members of even the smallest county, city, town or even moderate village will ever know, meet or hear of their fellow-members - but does that make their county, city, town or village any the less a real community? London does not exist because the people imagine it exists - this is pure and obvious hogwash.

But somehow this crap is taught in our classrooms as established fact which gullible idiots like Facey swallow down greedily. He believes it because he is told to believe it by his "old political science tutor". Didn't it occur to him to challenge this statement? Obviously it did not.

One of the major problems in this country is the way education has switched from educating to indoctrinating. People are no longer taught to think for themselves, but to swallow down any old propaganda as "true". This propaganda is mainly propagated through the "social sciences" - even the established social sciences of history and geography which revisionists have successfully infiltrated and degraded.

England exists as a nation, not because people imagine it to exist, but because the people MADE it exist. They built it, fought for it, died for it and killed for it. It is not just an imagined community, it is a tangible real thing. You can see it in our architecture, in our towns, cities and villages, in our landscape and countryside. It is made real by our institutions and culture - our law, our history, our Church, our heritage and our beliefs. Most of all you can see it in the people of England. Real, living people who are getting fed up of being ignored, unrepresented and, frequently, insulted by the people who are paid to represent them.

England all in our imagination, Peter? Well at least we have an imagination.


youdontknowme said...

That guy is an idiot. I wonder why we share the same language, culture and history?

Reading on the Bog said...

Social science teachers ...hmmmm ...are they the ones who told us about all that leisure time and early retirement we should now be enjoying? ...hmmmm ...I thought so

...bleedin' cretins