Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Climate change causes terrorism

According to Beckett - who is, quite probably, the worst Foreign Secretary I think we've ever had (and she's up against some stiff competition from the likes of Jack Straw).

Beckett, according to a text of her speech obtained by Reuters, will cite reduced rainfall in the Middle East as a possible trigger for security problems.

Of course! Why didn't anyone else think about that? I can sort of see where she is coming from - I have no doubt that the mad mullahs will seize on the lack of rain as another sign of the great Zionist conspiracy backed by the Great Satan, but it's hard to see how any sane, rational person could take that seriously. It wouldn't sound very good on the suicide tapes for a start ...

"Mr Blair, I'm doing this because of your foreign policy, you are killing my people ....... and it hasn't rained in Riyadh for nearly a fortnight"

As I said, any sane rational person would dismiss the idea out of hand. Is Beckett sane and rational? What do you reckon?

"Look at those things that are highest on the European agenda -- strong borders, poverty reduction, the risks of conflict and international terrorism, energy security, jobs and growth," Beckett will say.

Strong borders are high on the European agenda? I missed that one. I thought the idea was to flood Europe with millions of immigrants.
Poverty reduction - in Africa maybe, but in good ole Europe it's import immigrants to drive down wages time.
Risks of conflict and international terrorism? Just how does unrestricted immigration - with it's accmpanying risks of allowing in terrorists help to combat terrorism? And, as we have seen in France and in Denmark and in Sweden and in - well, just about everywhere in Europe we see regular conflict all due to EU policy.
Energy security? Ask Georgia and Ukraine about energy security.
Jobs and growth? From the EU? Jobs for foreign immigrants and the growth of the black economy.

It seems like a rather odd thing for a Foreign Secretary to talk about, but Beckett was, of course, the former Secretary for the Environment. What we see here, in her first major foreign policy speech, is someone so out of her depth as Foreign Secretary that she reverts to something she thinks she knows about.

Beckett, a former environment minister, will say the Middle East is a case in point as climate models suggest Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq will be among those countries to see the biggest rainfall reductions in the world.

Ah, those good old "computer models" which are the 21st century equivalent of medieval sooth sayers. Computer models - particularly on climate change - are completely unreliable. Their output reflects the input and the input is based on the agenda of the modeller.

So her confident predictions are based on a false premise. She should realise that, but this has nothing to do with terrorism or foreign policy. This is all about the global leftist agenda to create a fear of climate change - which allows them to pursue their goal of, as Aaron Wildavsky put it, "an egalitarian society based on rejection of economic growth in favor of a smaller population's eating lower on the food chain, consuming a lot less, and sharing a much lower level of resources much more equally."

The socialist Utopia.

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