Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Off with their heads

Whilst driving to a meeting this afternoon, I caught part of a conversation between the anti-monarchist writer, Sue Townsend and Simon Mayo on Five Live.

While plugging her latest book, Townsend talked a lot of sanctimonious drivel about revolution - and how it can be for good over evil. Like the Russian Revolution, she pondered.

The fact that this resulted to the deaths of countless millions and the rampant repression of millions more seemed to be lost on Townsend. Worse was to come though when Mayo quipped "They knew how to get rid of royalty, too" (or something like that).

Oh, how they giggled.

I'm not quite sure why they should find the murder of human beings - including children - so hilarious, but perhaps royalty don't count as people in the eyes of republicans.


Drew said...

The axe was for the higher born,these two would have a quick trip to Tyburn,a bridge with a view and a side trip to the four points of the compass.

Stan said...

To be honest, drew - the "off with their heads" title was a reference to the idea that these two found so amusing - i.e. murdering the royal family. It was as if Mayo and Townsend were saying "off with their heads - that'll teach 'em!"

I find the idea - expressed in the interview - that the Russian Communists "knew" how to deal with royalty rather repulsive.