Tuesday, October 17, 2006

English Poetry: Home thoughts, from the sea by Robert Browning

I like poetry, so I thought I'd chuck the odd verse in to my blog here and there. Hope you enjoy them. I'll kick things off with this little gem.

Home Thoughts, from the Sea

NOBLY, nobly Cape Saint Vincent to the North-west died away;
Sunset ran, one glorious blood-red, reeking into Cadiz Bay;
Bluish 'mid the burning water, full in face Trafalgar lay;
In the dimmest North-east distance dawn'd Gibraltar grand and gray;
'Here and here did England help me: how can I help England?'—say,
Whoso turns as I, this evening, turn to God to praise and pray,
While Jove's planet rises yonder, silent over Africa.

Robert Browning

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