Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Labour's Road to Damascus?

This morning's leader in The Telegraph suggests again that the Labour leadership has undergone a remarkable conversion against multiculturalism. It seems that Blair and co are willing to accept that multiculturalism doesn't work and are set to abandon the policy.

Can this be true?

I'm not convinced. Multiculturalism isn't just some accidental consequence of immigration - it is THE INTENDED consequence of the cultural marxism which - although always part of Labour doctrine - came to be the dominant policy in the early 1980's. For New Labour to abandon it would be like Attlee abandoning the Welfare State.

Every policy of New Labour - mass immigration, political correctness, anti-discrimination laws, suppression of freedom of speech, demotion of the traditional family, subjugation to the EU, constitutional "reform", promotion of rights without responsibility - everything is geared to overturn the dominance of the prevailing national culture and replace it with a multitude of mini-cultures all afforded equal status and all, supposedly, equal in validity.

Labour will only abandon this when they have reached the stage where they feel this has been achieved and can no longer be turned back. I don't believe they have reached that stage yet - and with 92% of the population still white and some 70% still claiming to be Christian, I don't think Labour believe it has been reached yet either.

What has happened, is that Labour have realised that it is happening too fast. The drip, drip approach through the 60's, 70's and 80's turned into a huge gush in the 90's and early 2000's and the indigenous people have become alarmed - and alerted - by what they see as a result.

This has led to the rise of the BNP which Labour initially tried to counter through various - very anti-democratic - laws. However, this didn't stop the progress made by the BNP and at this years local elections Labour were forced to rethink their policy when Margaret Hodge declared that voters were deserting Labour for BNP.

In a country which is still (reasonably) democratic and still has (reasonably) free and fair elections, even a party which is dedicated to the overthrow of the cultural majority still needs the support of that cultural majority until it's goal has been achieved - or is irreversible.

I have no doubt that, since Hodge's revelation, New Labour have been having a rethink on their approach. The result of that rethink is what you are seeing and hearing now where several dyed-in-the-wool fervent multiculturalist Labour members appear to have had a Damascan conversion.

Do not be fooled. This is all carefully calculated to soothe the brow of the cultural majority and halt the rise of the BNP. It's not a U-turn, just a small temporary diversion. Hodge go it wrong. It isn't a case of white voters deserting New Labour, it has been Labour deserting the white working class.

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