Thursday, October 19, 2006

A generation of vandals

We seem to have forgotten that we, that is the present generation, do not own this country. It is not ours to do with as we please - some sort of plaything to fiddle with and bash around before we discard it and move on to the next toy.

We, that is us and our generation, are merely caretakers of a precious heirloom, with a solemn duty to look after the nation until the time comes when we can hand it over to the next generation and say "Here, it's all yours now. Take great care of it".

As a nation and as a people we need to ask ourselves how people in England would view our stewardship of this country today in a hundred years time? And what would people from a hundred years past think of the way we have managed the precious jewel they passed on to us?

Do you think they will be impressed? Or will they wonder how we could have been so careless with something as precious as our national culture, sovereignty and independence?

What would they say if they could survey the fractured and broken society?

Where decent law abiding people have retreated from the streets at night, leaving callous, selfish and savage thugs to roam unhindered.

Where fathers are beaten to death in front of their children for chiding a youth for dropping litter.

Where we are not free to speak our minds, for if we do we may be shouted down with insults and denunciation - or even have the police set on us for expressing an opinion.

Where the police no longer try to protect their natural ally from burglary, vandalism and intimidation, but instead target their natural ally for the simple purpose of raising easy cash.

What would they think if they could cast their eyes on the collapsed infrastructure,blighted landscape and desolated industry?

Where our irreplaceable railway network has been ripped up, ripped apart and left dilapidated.

Where our countryside is increasingly carpeted with cracked and broken roads choked with steaming cars and fuming drivers caught up in more and more road "improvements".

Where our power comes more and more from foreign sources and resides more and more in the hands of foreign owners.

Where our water supply and sewer system is falling apart faster than it can be repaired.

Where once tranquil and picturesque villages are now blighted by out of town malls and giant housing estates.

Where the flowing and sympathetic architecture of our towns and cities is now dominated by bland concrete cubes and grotesque, looming glass and steel monstrosities.

Where a nation that once led the world in manufacturing and exported all over the world now makes nothing and imports everything.

Where a multitude of farms and farmers with generations of inherited knowledge and understanding of English agriculture are now gone forever and replaced with massive agro-industries with an increasing reliance on chemicals.

Where the landscape and it's flora and fauna have been decimated by modern farming methods producing ever larger yields of increasingly un-nutritious food.

What will the generations of the future think when they are handed a feeble, dependent nation no longer capable of feeding itself, looking after itself or defending itself?

Where our army relies on China for it's uniforms, Belgium for it's bullets and Germany for it's trucks.

Where our navy is no longer able to protect the shores of this nation let alone project our power globally and relies on France to build and equip our ships.

Where our air force is unable to provide the support and cover for the army and navy.

Where we rely on imports for our food supply - with no way of protecting those imports.

Where we rely on foreigners to make our laws - laws which we can neither object to or repeal.

Where our parliament - once the model for democracy all over the world - has been turned into a powerless talking shop for self-interested fame seekers.

Where we have turned our back on our natural allies and leaped into bed with our historic enemies.

Where we have deserted our national heritage and culture in favour of alien beliefs and sub-cultures.

Where we have abandoned 1000 years of evolutionary progress for a generation of revolutionary progressiveness.

We are the generation of vandals.

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Graeme said...

Just ... beautiful!