Thursday, October 19, 2006

Forced faith

Alan Milburn, Labour's edjookashun minister is set to announce new measures forcing faith schools to admit quotas of pupils from outside of that faith.

In a blistering piece of social science gobbledegook, Milburn is to say, according to the Times,

“Young minds are free from prejudice and discrimination, so schools are in a unique position to prevent social division. Schools should cross ethnic and religious boundaries, and certainly not increase them, or exacerbate difficulties in sensitive areas.”

It is the business of schools to teach - but Milburn is openly advocating for them to indoctrinate.

Milburn is, of course, talking rubbish. Young minds are full of prejudice and discrimination and schools are riven with social division. Whether it's McFly versus Eminem, Chelsea versus Manchester United, Pokemon versus Yu-gi-oh, boy versus girl, short versus tall, fat versus thin, ugly versus pretty, cool versus nerdy, Xbox versus PSP, clever versus stupid - young minds and schools have it all. Every sort of prejudice, discrimination and social division you could imagine.

No mind is quicker to prejudge and discriminate than a young mind. Young minds are the most discerning and demanding around - precisely because they are so prejudiced and discriminatory. That's what makes a toddler cling to her mother in a supermarket. That's why you can't fob your 5 year old off at Christmas with some cheap version of a toy when they want the real thing. And that's why you can't convince a 12 year old that the £5 jumper you bought from ASDA is as good as the Guess? sweatshirt he wanted for his birthday.

Forcing a faith school to include a quota of non-faith pupils is not going to change that. It will just provide a larger minority for the majority in that school to be prejudiced and discriminatory against.

We've had faith schools in this country for as long as we've had schools - now, suddenly, they are a problem? Why would that be? Could it be that the problem only arose when a certain faith began arriving in numbers?

As I said in an earlier post. This is the normal response of the progressive liberals to resolving an issue. Do not target the problem, but instead punish all in the name of "equality".

Progressive liberals are never going to admit it's a lousy idea - so let's stop listening to them, deride them at every turn and kick them out of power at the earliest opportunity.

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