Thursday, October 19, 2006

How to get the police to attend an emergency call

The Mail reports that a woman was told police were too busy to attend after she dialled 999 as burglars attempted to break into her home where she was alone with her two young children.

Ms O'Rourke's home had been targeted a month before when a raider tried to get in by shinning up a drainpipe. In the last six weeks alone the family have had their car broken into four times, including the day before the latest burglary attempt.

Ms O'Rourke wonders, not unreasonably .....

"If you call 999 because you can hear someone trying to get into your house when you are alone there with your two small children and they don't come, on what occasion can you be sure the police would come?"

The answer is to dial 999 and say "there is a gang of - insert racial insult here - trying to break into my home." They'll be there in minutes. Admittedly they will arrest you, lock you in jail, cart your kids into care and leave your house wide open for any would be burglar to break in unhindered, but at least you'll be safe from them for a while

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youdontknowme said...

If they say that and you dont want to be arrested phone up again and say 'Its ok now officers. I shot them'. They will come racing then.