Monday, October 02, 2006

A land fit for heroes?

The Daily Telegraph online features an article referring to a wounded Para being verbally assaulted by a Muslim while recovering from his injuries in an NHS hospital.

It 's bad enough that this scumbag has been allowed to get away with this without any intervention from the authorities (what happens when a soldier abuses a Muslim in some way? All over the front pages and the squaddie in court is what), but the fact that our soldiers are being treated in NHS hospitals alongside other patients is simply a scandal. Most of the military hospitals have already been shut down and the last is due to be sold off next year.

This is not good enough. Our soldiers are being treated in an abyssmal way by the government they are asked to die for. Lousy equipment, shortage of kit, useless patrol vehicles, scarce air cover and human rights vultures hovering above them - and now, when they get injured they don't even get privileged treatment in a specialist military hospital. Just shunted into an NHS ward like some habitual drunk or junkie.

Things are so bad, that some soldiers have suggested it's better to get more badly wounded as they get treated at the US military hospital in Ramstein, Germany.

The disgusting treatment of our soldiers. Write to your MP today and DEMAND they treat our returning soldiers as heroes, not villains.

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TottenhamLad said...

Agree totally.

To think this injured soldier was left defenceless in a hospital in his own country to be insulted by some traitorous muslim scumbag is a crime in itself.

PS good blog