Monday, October 02, 2006

UN springs into action over Darfur

By criticising the US and UK!

The US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton has demanded an apology from UN deputy, Mark Malloch Brown following comments made in The Independent newspaper in which Malloch Brown accused the US and Britain of "posturing and grandstanding" over Darfur.

Malloch Brown is, in case you hadn't guessed from the delightful double-barelled name, British. What a pathetic example of Britain he presents to the rest of the world. It really is beyond a joke for anyone of any seniority in the UN to accuse others of posturing and grandstanding - the UN has done precious little else for 50 years or so.

If Malloch Brown thinks that being all nice and pally with the Sudanese mass murderers - sorry government - is going to make them stop killing people in their thousands, then he really does need a size ten up the arse. Fortunately, Bolton appears to be the type to apply such a reminder.

Malloch Brown says that the Sudanese government "know we don't have troops to go in against a hostile Khartoum government; if Sudan opposes us there's no peace to keep anyway; you're in there to fight a war".

Hello? Anybody in there? Wake up you dunce - there isn't any peace in Darfur, it IS a war. A one sided genocidal massacre on a scale not seen - well since the last UN monitored genocidal massacre (take your pick).

What is needed in Darfur - NOW - is to establish a peace and that may require fighting a war. It's not that the UN don't have the troops, either - it's just that they don't have the troops from any nations with the will to fight for the rights of the oppressed.

And if dunces like Malloch Brown keep pissing off the nations that do have the will, he ain't likely to get any more in the future. The credibility - and probably the future survival - of the UN rests on Darfur. They can not be seen to fail again - not after Bosnia, not after Rwanda, not after Iraq. They either start doing what they are there for - or they just go away.

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