Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The man with no shame

That's Denis MacShane, Labour MP for Rotherham and one time Europe minister.

In his op-ed piece for The Telegraph, MacShane states brazenly ...

At long last, the debate on Islamism as politics, not Islam as religion, is out in the open. Two weeks ago, Jack Straw might have felt he was taking a risk when publishing his now notorious article on the Muslim veil. However, he was pushing at an open door. From across the political spectrum there is now common consent that the old multicultural emperor, before whom generation of politicians have made obeisance, is now a pitiful, naked sight.

This is the man who, while minister for Europe did everything in his power to stifle debate on Europe, Islam and multiculturalism by declaring it "racist and xenophobic". Here is what he said in a speech in 2003.

It is a crucial time to be active in tackling racism and xenophobia. Europe has seen a rise in support for far right political parties and the spread of Islamophobia across Europe, so being active and engaging with ethnic communities across Europe is as important now as ever before.

Got that? Racism and xenophobia. Spread of Islamophobia. And on multiculti, MacShame says ...

Britain today draws strength and vitality from the diversity of its society. Over the past thirty years, we have grown as a nation through the contribution our ethnic minority communities make to our culture, politics and economic prosperity.

That sounds like a fully paid up member of the multiculti belief system to me. Now he is telling us it was all a fraud. Quite a conversion in 3 years. The shameless MacShane isn't satisfied with that. Apparently, the sudden realisation that multiculti is crap and Islamic fascism needs to be tackled as a matter of urgency has dawned on a multitude of Labour MP's thanks to the efforts of Mr MacShane himself. Back to his op-ed piece ...

Late in 2003, I made a routine speech to my constituency. It followed the murder of British and Turkish men and women at our consulate in Istanbul by Islamist terrorists. At the same time, a young South Yorkshire Muslim had gone to Israel and killed himself in a suicide bombing attack.
The two events led me to make a speech in which I said: "It is time for the elected and community leaders of British Muslims to make a choice: it is the democratic, rule of law, if you like the British or Turkish or American or European way – based on political dialogue and non-violent protests – or it is the way of the terrorists against which the whole democratic world is now uniting." I thought my remarks were banal. After 7/7, everyone used them.

His remarks were banal - and I haven't heard anyone use them. But MacShane wants us to think it's all thanks to him.

The change in political climate - if it is a real change (and I'm not yet convinced it is yet - just a front to counter the rise of the BNP) is a result of more and more people reading blogs around the world (particularly the USA - and no, not mine!) and discovering a different perspective to the single world view delivered by our MSM in general and the BBC in particular.

People like MacShane, Straw, Kelly, Reid and Woolas are utterly shameless in their contempt for the British people. For years they have been remorselessly ramming the multiculti claptrap down our throats - only breaking off to slap us around with accusations of racism and xenophobia if we dared to say "hang on, we don't like it".

Now they want us to believe that they were never really for multiculti in the first place and have, in fact, been warning us and trying to wake us to the dangers it brings!

Shameless. Utterly shameless.

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