Sunday, October 15, 2006

A small price to pay for our National Heritage

Many of England's Cathedrals are in need of urgent repair. Canterbury alone requires work that will cost some £50 million. There has been some money made available for the work from organisations like English Heritage, but this is a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed. There are various fund raising campaigns going on to try and raise the required money.

Why aren't our government doing more? The Cathedrals are an integral feature of our nation - part of our national identity. They are awe inspiring testaments to this nations greatness and history which bring joy and wonder to millions. How can we, as a nation, spend something like £1 BILLION on the worthless, infantile Millennium Dome - but can't find a few million to restore historical buildings whose value to the nation far exceeds that of a thousand Domes?

The Dome swallowed up more than £600 million of National Lottery money - but lasted just a blink of an eye compared to our great Cathedrals. Why can't the Lottery find £600 million to restore our great buildings to their majestic glory?

It's a national disgrace that these buildings are left to moulder for want of a few million pounds. Of course, any nation with any sense of pride and self-confidence would never allow this situation to arise. But not us. We can find millions for all sorts of "good causes" as long as they have nothing to do with England and it's history.

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