Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why must we destroy the environment to save the planet?

I hate wind farms. Ugly, brutish monstrosities that blight the landscape.

Watching Countryfile this morning I was incensed at the idea of carpeting the Isle of Lewis with hundreds of these grotesque, whirling monuments to environmentalist stupidity.

The wind farm would comprise 234 turbines, each 450 ft. tall. In addition, the developers are seeking permission to build 100 miles of roads, nine electrical substations and a control building. Some 141 pylons would be needed to support the 18 miles of overhead cable that would transport the electricity produced by the turbines. This network of turbines, roads and pylons would stretch from Stornoway to Ness (approx 25 miles).

As if that damage was not enough, the impact on bird life - particularly Golden Eagles - would be immense. Many birds heading from the west would come across this massive barrier just as the first thing they encounter after crossing the Atlantic. Tired and hungry they will be hacked down in droves by these turbines.

Many of these turbines will be placed on the "Sleeping Beauty" - a line of hills that resemble a woman lying on her back.

It really does infuriate me that some people - in their belief that we need to save the earth - are so prepared to devastate the landscape with such disregard for the environment. It is utter madness and has to be stopped.


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xoggoth said...

These wind machines turn far too slowly to hack down anything but other than that technical quibble I agree totally. Not clear why they need to be in such places at all, they would work just as well along the edges of motorways.