Friday, November 24, 2006

Cameron is a total disaster

This is what Mark Steyn says about the Tory leader in an interview with New Culture Forum.

MS: My view of David Cameron is that he is a total disaster. The big difference between Britain and the principal English-speaking countries is that Canada, Australia and the United States all have conservative leaders and Britain doesn’t. And those conservative leaders didn’t get elected to the highest office by taking the David Cameron route which is mainly about the fact that he is the first Tory leader to look cool in jeans and an open-neck shirt, and the fact that he has embraced Al Gore’s movie…

MS: This is rubbish. By the time the effect of the melting ice flows and the rising sea levels kick in, there will be no Britain and so no one is going to remember David Cameron having saved the Maldives islands when the rising sea level consumed them – which is on present trends going to be around the year 2500. All they will remember him as, so far as they do, will be this conservative leader who did not identify the real pressing threats to Britain’s national interest, as opposed to this modish piffle.

Britain's national interest? No one in British politics has a clue what that means - or if they do, they put it a long way down the list of "things to do". In call me Dave's case, it probably comes a little after "pick up dry cleaning".

Steyn also has some things to say about Britain in general.

I was in Australia a few weeks ago and while I was there the Prime Minister – and I was very impressed by this man, I was very glad at the opportunity to congratulate him on this – because I think it’s an absolutely marvellous initiative where, they had this big education conference, in which they advocated teaching Australian history as a heroic national narrative. And I think that if your country has basically been on the right side on most of big clashes, you should be able to teach your history as an heroic national narrative. Britain has certainly got a better claim to that than almost any other country on the planet. Obviously it has his warts but there’s a difference between doing the painting warts and all, and doing it with just the warts, which I think is what a lot of British history has dwindled down to. I’m not surprised when they capture these fellows from the west Midlands on the battlefield in Afghanistan because if you’ve gone into the average English school in Pixton or West Bromwich, or whatever, in the last twenty five years it’s hardly surprising they were not exactly imbued with the love of country.

This is all the work of the liberal progressives who want us to be ashamed of our history rather than proud of it. All their bollocks about apologising for this and that ought to receive the short shrift it deserves. The trouble is, our politics is dominated by this cringing, hand wringing apologists. Steyn attacks their pathetic lack of understanding of the importance of British history and the damage they are doing.

But I think it’s very difficult to have any sense of tradition if basically you indicate all the time that you’re willing to put everything up for grabs. If you go to an Island Parliament in the Caribbean, if you go the parliament in Grenada, they’ve got their miniature Hansard, they’ve got their mace, they’ve got their wigs, and that is the kind of thing that Tony Blair wanted to abolish from the House of Commons at Westminster. The difference is that in Grenada, and St Kitts and St Lucia, they understand that all that stuff is what connects them to peaceful constitutional evolution across the centuries, and in that sense it is the difference between them and Cuba or Haiti, or these basket case states. They understand it but Tony Blair and Gordon Brown don’t, and David Cameron doesn’t.

Steyn has plenty more to say - about Europe, immigration, terrorism and Islamic imperialism. Please read it all. He also echoes something which I have been saying - here and here, for example. Asked if Steyn thinks Europe can avoid becoming Islamic, Steyn says ...

So I think in a sense that if it is made clear to people that there is absolutely no possibility of living under Sharia, that it is just an absurd thing, the demand for Sharia and what is effectively a sort of creeping sharia where bit by bit the host nation effectively assimilates the Islamic law, by which I mean all these little things, eliminating pork from school and hospital menus - I think if you resist all those then there’s a possibility.

Exactly. If we want to avoid becoming the western outpost of the caliphate we need to stop caving in to the demands and tell them directly - as John Howard has done in Australia - you either take us as we are or go somewhere else. And you won't do that by building mega mosques in London or having halal Christmas dinners for school kids.

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