Thursday, November 02, 2006

The creeping danger of secularism

Excellent diary post by Melanie Phillips.

The crucial insight here is that only a strong indigenous faith has the capacity to resist Islamisation. That is why the collapse of Christianity in Britain and Europe and its steady replacement by secularisation is so catastrophic for the defence of the west. The useful idiots who believe that only a secular society can hold off the forces of irrational belief at the heart of the Islamic jihad have got this diametrically the wrong way round. Secularisation produces cultural enfeeblement, because the pursuit of personal happiness trumps absolutely everything else. The here and now is all that matters. Dying for a cause, however noble, becomes an absolute no-no. It’s better to be dhimmi than dead – the view that has now effectively prevailed in Britain and Europe.


xoggoth said...

DARN! Excellent site I thought Stan and now you've gone and spoiled it! Supporting NASTY comments about secularism? how dare you! My atheist inquisition will be around shortly to stick your thumbs in nasty iron things with twiddly bits until you recant.

Stan said...


Sorry about that, xoggoth - I hope you'll still come back.

I guess I ought to qualify my personal feelings about secularism - and what I, personally, mean by secularism.

I staunchly support the idea that there should be a separation between state and the national religion. In that way I believe we should remain a "secular" government and up until recently I would have said the balance was just about right. The reason for that is, when drafting laws this should be done on evidence and fact rather than be grounded in religious superstition. (I also believe, in the absence of evidence and fact, that everybody is swayed by their religious supersition - be it secular or Christian)

I also believe that the strongest nations (as opposed to states) are those which have a strong tie between nation and the national religion. And I am a nationalist. In this way I strongly support the idea that the ruling monarch remains the leader of the Church Of England and Defender of the Faith (You can only defend one, Charlie!) and that the nation maintains a strong link with Anglicanism.

At the last census 70% of British people claimed themselves to be Christian. This tells us we have a predominantly Christian society. But most Christians believe that everyone has the right to freedom of religion and freedom from religion - which means that even Christians like me are also secular. So we actually have a secular Christian society.

The issue I have is with what I call secularism - by which I mean the march of secularisation by evangelical means. I suppose I ought to call it something else - like militant secularism or secular fundamentalism!

This has been promoted through non-state organisms in recent years with increasing vigour. Particularly through the media (and particularly by the BBC which, although state owned, should not be an arm of the state).

All this has created a cultural vacuum for a significant percentage of society (which secularism can not fill because it can not provide the answers without hard evidence and fact - which religion can).

Something is going to fill that vacuum. It's either going to be a resurgence of Christianity or Islam.

I'm in favour of the former.