Friday, November 03, 2006

Public sector fat cats milking the system

The news that senior public sector employees are being paid massive sums of taxpayers money for overseeing abject failure is a national scandal - which will probably be forgotten in a moment.

One of those "fat cats", the former commissioner for TfL Bob Kiley, now works as a "consultant" for TfL. he will receive almost three quarters of a million pounds for just 230 days "work" spread out over three years.

Britain spends £70 billion a year on "consultants" like Kiley - more than we spend on defence and almost as much as we spend on the NHS.

This comes on top of the news of a council employee paid £91,000 a year for changing light bulbs (even though he's been off sick for the best part of a year).

Public sector fat cats getting more than a million a year for failing.
Council employees earning close to six figure salaries while off sick.
£125 billion a year spent on Quangos.
£70 billion a year spent on consultants.

And what do the Tories say they'll do about it?

They pledge to maintain this profligacy. They do so because they are as guilty of overseeing this bloated public sector as Labour are.

Any political party worth their salt could promise massive tax cuts while improving public sector provision just by getting rid of the huge waste and Spanish practices rife throughout the public sector.

It's your money, people. Get angry!

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