Friday, December 08, 2006

The fury of the furry

Madonna has come under fire (again) from animal rights groups for wearing a real fur coat.

The Telegraph reports that she wore a £35,000 chinchilla fur coat on a trip to a restaurant with her hubby, Mr Madonna.

The animal rights lobby are, as usual, up in arms.

A spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals, said: "We encourage anyone who wears fur to watch videos of these animals being electrocuted, caught in traps and skinned alive.

Yeah, right. What PETA don't tell you is that the reason these animals in their videos are treated the way they are is because groups like PETA have done their best to destroy the ethical fur trade in the west and driven it to less sensitive places. Still PETA have a catchy little line to end their tirade against Madge.

"It's easy to have a look that kills without killing animals by using synthetic fur."

Really? Do these people have any idea where synthetic fur comes from? Perhaps they think it comes from synthetic fur trees that magically grow in far off places. It doesn't. It is man made and that means chemical processes and - surprise, surprise - oil. It means factories, pollution and waste products. Believe it or not, this means, in the production of synthetic fur, many animals will die - including people. Not that PETA give a damn, they just want to look after the little fluffy bunny wunnies.

Fur, on the other hand, in a properly regulated industry, means natural produce using natural resources which are sustainable and managed. What's better - using natural products which do not harm the environment or using chemically manufactured products that cause massive pollution, untold harm to the environment and uses up precious resources to make something which can be provided by nature?

I know what I prefer. Keep wearing the fur, Madge and don't listen to the Environazis.

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