Thursday, December 07, 2006

Too little, too late

General Sir Mike Jackson is in the news today after a scathing attack on the government's treatment of our armed forces. I agree with much of what he says, but I can't help wondering why wasn't he saying these things while he was still in the Army?

Sir Mike went along with everything his political masters asked of him. It is he who agreed to the re-organisation of the army along lines designed to fit the European Rapid Reaction Force which has led to the loss of historic regiments and an army unsuited to the kind of warfare it is likely to meet in the coming years. Indeed, I recall him making very strong comments in favour of the re-org. It was Sir Mike who failed to push for what the army really needed in terms of equipment - bowing down to the increasing euro-centric procurement policy.

No point whinging about it now. He should have spoken out when he had the chance - instead he chose to tow the line. If anyone let the army down, it was Sir Mike.


This Royal Throne of Kings said...

A bit spooky, this Stan. I wrote my latest blog before I read yours...

We can't both be wrong, can we.

Stan said...

LOL - nice one.

I notice also that there has been a similar vein of thought amongst military bloggers and in military chatrooms.

So, it's not just us. Personally, I think Sir Mike has been outflanked by Dannatt who took over and instantly stamped his mark with his outspoken comments - which made Jackson look a bit lame. Jackson's trying to recover some credibility, but as we say - too little, too late!