Thursday, December 21, 2006

The net tightens

The real government of Britain - the EU - have determined that our beleaguered fishing industry should have even less access to our own waters and the fish in those waters.

Now I know that there are other bloggers and commentators out there who understand this much better than I do - the EU and the fishing industry, that is - but can anyone explain how this is good for Britain? Those nations who retain control of their waters and their industries don't have the same problems as we do. Their fishing fleets thrive and their fish stocks are maintained, while our industry continues to flounder (pardon the pun) and our favourite fish, the cod, becomes an increasingly rare and expensive commodity.

What makes me more angry still, is the sheer cheek of our fisheries minister, Ben Bradshaw, who claims this is good for us and pretends that he - and our government in general - actually have a say in the matter anyway! We don't. We are told what we will do and we will do it whether we like it or not.

The only option Bradshaw has is to put a spin on it that this is somehow beneficial for Britain, because the alternative is to admit that they are utterly, utterly powerless to stop it.

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